Meet SAB.

SAB. is an Eastern European artist based in LA.From as early as the age of four, she started playing with colors and her love for art has only exponentially progressed since then. Having been extremely involved in art during her high school years, she decided to continue painting and got admitted to Art University.At first, it seemed like a dream — that is, until she started to feel stifled by teachers, who wanted her to concentrate mainly on classical art techniques. Her passion for Abstract Expressionism was effectively a big conflict. Growing up in a constant battle with society and its old-fashioned, conservative ideals, she decided to move abroad.August 2011 was the time for a new beginning. This time, in the U.S.A. SAB. uses her art as a medium for challenging the almost-subconsciously-ingrained impediments that are perpetuated by societal expectations. She likes to incorporate different elements to convey a story that can be subjectively interpreted by the consumer.Her art is meant to be specifically empowering for women, as she can identify with the plight, being informed by her experience as a woman herself. Heavily acrylic-based art with pastel and charcoal on canvas tends to make up a large portion of her repertoire.However, she does not limit herself to only these forms, and also feeds her artistic hunger by creating apparel, furniture and murals amongst a multitude of other works. Sharing her work is a very important part of her artistic process, and she does so by showcasing her pieces in many local and international galleries and art collectives.When she’s not working on new projects, you can catch her doing pop-ups and live painting around Los Angeles.

Gallery Collection

Founded in 2023 by SAB, a contemporary artist based out of Los Angeles.The Gallery Collection focuses on showcasing emerging and established artists around the world through famous art fairs and major shows.

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