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“ Déraciné” Perspective’s

“ Déraciné” Perspective’s

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Acrylic on canvas




Bodies in Space
is an exploration of the human condition and the journey to find comfort in one’s sexuality. Often times we find ourselves stifled by societal norms and expectations and don’t know how to accept ourselves and our bodies. As a queer artist myself, I have struggled with this very problem and have found comfort and solace in exploration through my art. In this series, I challenge you to question how you might feel about your own body and learn to embrace yourself for all that you are.

The pieces incorporated a host of different mediums such as charcoal, spray paint, acrylics, pastels and neon lights. The neon lights in particular are used as a tool to bring certain aspects to the forefront of your attention. They work to communicate the energy of the painting


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